Digital Humanities

Length of study: 2 semesters
Form of study: full-time education
Admission: Fall
Fees: Paid


Faculty of History
Assoc. Professor Maria Baramova, PhD
Phone: +359 2 9308 378


Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages
Assist. Professor Dimitar Iliev, PhD
Phone: +359 2 9308 341


Dobromir Dobrev


Τhe Маster’s Programme in Digital Humanities is targeted towards undergraduate students having obtained BA degrees from national and international academic institutions in the fields of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and with at least intermediate level of competence in English. The Programme is directed towards students interested in the application of today’s information technologies in various fields of the Humanities (such as History, Languages and Linguistics, Philology, Archaeology, Translation Studies, Art Studies and others), as well as in the fields of Cultural Management, Tourism, Cultural Policies, Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Conservation-restoration. The Programme offers a wide range of disciplines allowing for specialization in different spheres connected with both theoretical research and practice. The courses offered are up to date with the latest trends in the relatively new and growing interdisciplinary field of Digital Humanities (DH) and encompass the experience in teaching and research of some of the most distinguished experts in the field on an international level. Representatives of the following faculties to the University of Sofia are among the lecturers in the Programme: Faculty of History, Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Slavic Studies, and Faculty of Geography and Geology. International experts in the field of Digital Humanities from the University of London and the University of Leipzig will also be included as teachers and tutors to the Programme.


Professional Qualifications

Upon successful completion of the Programme, the students will have acquired the following skills and competences:

  • knowledge in digital technologies and in the development of research in the domain of technologies;
  • professional application of scholarly competence in the process of digital processing and electronic publication of humanities and cultural content;
  • understanding of how the main digital tools and technologies (programming and markup languages, content management platforms, databases, software architectures, search engines, social media, etc.) function and how to approach methodological issues in treating scholarly and cultural content in digital form;
  • understanding of the mental processes and cognitive approaches that lie in the foundation of the digital mediation of human knowledge and interaction;
  • the application of new didactic methods and approaches in using visual, interactive and collaborative forms of contact and distance learning, as well as in using digital research material for the aims of teaching, academic dialogue, and expanding the theoretical horizons of various fields in Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences;
  • the application of digital communication and technologies in the creation of new types of services and their use as a social capital.


Professional Realization

The students graduated from the MA Programme in Digital Humanities will be able to apply their knowledge professionally in different domain of academic research and development, technology, teaching, working in cultural institutions, state and municipality structures, as well as in non-government organizations addressing the issues of cultural, historical, and linguistic heritage.

The Programme aims at getting the students acquainted with the new and dynamic field of Digital Humanities and to provide the basics for further research or career activities on their part where digital tools are applied to the solution of creative issues in Arts, Humanities and related fields.


Admission Requirements

  • Language competence on level B1/B2 according to the European Framework is required.
  • Candidates will be admitted to the Programme after an interview in English.